Alcoholics Unanimous

12 Step Program for a wonderful life: 
1.We admit we are powerless over alcohol - that we need it to
2.Believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to
sanity - and this is alcohol.
3.We have made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to
4.Know that this is a group of people who will encourage you to
5.Have faith in a higher more powerful alcoholic beverage.
6.Find someone of this group to sponsor you and buy you a drink.
7.Know that alcohol is the cause of and solution to all
of life's problems.
8.Attend meetings at your local bar regularly
and always tip your bartender well.
9.Know that if you quit drinking, life will be dule and boring.
10.Save money by eating only bar snacks and save more money for
alcohol, or just stop eating and only drink.
12.Set your goals for one week, six months, and a year; try to drink
more each day.
Oops... I missed number 11
Oh sh-t... I'm drunk!

This site last updated 20 November 2008 at Captain's Table while drinking my favourite
bottled water from Holland (Heineken).

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