By Pablo Rodriguez & Dahlia 

Everyone needs someone to love,
and somebody to love them.The deepest feeling in my heart
is love,with nowhere for it to go.
My heart reaches out to you..

Lying here all alone
Wondering where you are
What am I supposed to do
These feelings deep within me
When you came,you were like a flower in springtime
After the winter rain
So hold on to me now

I'll give you everything
You want and need
Everything you ever dreamed of
I'll be the one to wipe your tears away
The one who will treasure your love
I just want you to know I care
Mahal,kaibigan,miss na miss kita

I'll take your hands 
And through all the pain
I'll be your man
Sweetie,ku'u aloha,e ne'i galo atu
Mahal kita,I love you,hu guaiya hao
Please be my sunshine
My flower that will never fade
2 ng Setyembre 2001

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