RCI Productions Sample

Side A:
Ipagtapat Ang Pag-ibig Ko
Ikaw Pa Rin
Maghihintay Sa 'Yo
Nawala Ang Lungkot Ko
Tanging Mahal
Kaluguran Da Ka

Side B:
Pag-ibig Ko'y Forever
Ika Mu Ing Sinta
Gabi't Araw I Dream Of You
Alay Sa 'Yo
Wait For Me
'Ou Te Alofa Ia Te Oe
Gap Nhau Lam Ngo

RCI Productions U.S.A.
2425 Tucker Mill Rd.
Conyers,GA 30094-3339

Hi Clariza,
Thanks for your interest in my music,I hope you will enjoy the enclosed music sampler.This includes your requested song "Nawala Ang Lungkot Ko",I am not sure who the artist is.All the other songs are sung by me.This cassette is completely free of charge,so you can see what you like.Also,RCI is looking for singers and song writers from the Philippines who are interested in the music industry.All you need is a demo from a karaoke bar or studio.Let me know if you are interested.
Pablo Rodriguez

Call or text me at (678)770-5018