Fix Amnesia

By King Kapisi

Fix Amnesia of Polynesia
Been trapped in this damn game, for this I feel ashamed (x4)

Religious idols play cruel games, mind roulette
(Someone is constantly watching over you) it's just religious bullshit
Some claim to be your allies, have you ever sensed them respond…
For years the Holy Man booby trap your full attention in his palm
It has strong effect on empty intellects
My mission to serve and inform, loose mental blocks of ignorance for the storm
Brainwashed values brings laws from a foreign sovereign still…
Praise the knowledge I announce, degree of bounce is rubber jandal
Mr. Kamikaze with a firm grip on reality
Swing from the rafters, you moneys this is knowledge on the move
It's slow penetration in surround sounds equipped with a full logical arsenal
Submerged with a taint of atheism, makes you wonder how I operate
(I'm mentally equipped for heaven's gate)

It's just this Samoan brother, Newtown born coconut
Technique work the flesh of my bones, represent home
Foundation my family
My style that precedes me is overstayer!
Conceived in the sticks, brought up around bricks
(Fix amnesia of Polynesia 
Been trapped in this game for this I feel ashamed…)
Pacific forefathers roll in their graves, lives our people gave
I never forget the shit our people had to put up with
Weak-minded and follow, most of the world feels the sorrow of religion
(War and famine) and colonialism
For some its accepted, but I will never let it
A rebel for the cause I initiate change
Some admit to see the injustice but still act the same
Overwhelming church syndrome, alien to my chromosome
People just too scared to find what's truly out there
Message for the peoples of the world 
Boys and girls, check your history
Or you might lose yourself and your own identity…

I see through your brainwashing fever
I'm not from Africa or America, I'm from the islands of Samoa…
I see through your brainwashing fever
I represent for all Pacific peoples from Hawaii to Aotearoa…
I see through your brainwashing fever
When I talk to God he doesn't talk back, why is that
I see through your brainwashing fever
Villiamu o ai sa faia oe, who made me, who made you
My mother and my father, no one lese…you're best to check yourself
(King Kapisi "Fix Amnesia" 2000)


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