You're So Beautiful (Loimata O Apaula)

By Paulo Tupuola

Loimata o Apaula...

From the first time I saw you smiling at me
I wanted you to be the only one for me
Before you came,you would have found me crying
I had no one to stand beside me...
Samoan princess,wipe away your tears
I'll do everything to make all your dreams come true
You are my sunshine after the rain
You are the one who makes me forget my pain...

Your love shines out to me,you're so beautiful
Teine o le mauga Vaea
Ou te alofa ia te oe
You are my everything,my only love...
You're an angel sent from heaven to me
'O le teine ou te alofa i ai
All the people say we are so beautiful
Tele matagofie,teine,uo moni...
You're so beautiful
E hine,e ke 'ofa ia a'u
Yo te amo para siempre,teine,uo moni

NOTE:There are 3 version of this song,
this one is the dance version.
Some words are different on the other 2 versions.

27 Iulai,2002

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