Since very early growing up; I have asked many questions, both from people around me and in just ponderings of why things are as they are. I think I was 3 years old when asking my first profound question; looking up at the stars I questioned my mother as to people living on other planets; I had not been to school to learn about the planets or anything like that, but it was just something which seemed natural. My mother had know idea why I asked such questions as what made the lights work when the switch was opened; things the average person does not concern themselves with. When I started school; the other kids were playing futbol and talking about G. I. Joe; I was was reading books on astronomy, pyramids of Egypt and looking at rocks while they played ball for recess. So much of my life have felt somewhat alienated from other people; like I was somewhat different; maybe speaking a different language added to this feeling but I think is maybe more to it. Now in the age of internet; I have found that other people who are rh negative blood type share similar experience sometimes. I have also seen a bad thing from my reading and that is the negative things that are found about us on internet; some people claiming we are reptilians or aliens, even fallen angels from heaven. Even in history it seems that we as a people were shunned; when the Romans went into France and Spain they remarked of the women who were curse because they could not bare children (this was of course because of the rh negative blood incompatibility that would have occured in the Basque area). The many left-handers were also noted with the word 'sinistre' (left) from which we get our English word sinister which means evil. While in spanish the word for left is derived from Basque ' ezker' or izquierda in Spanish. Red hair is also common among us; and the redheads were consider witches; maybe because of our psychic abilities. Only if people understood that indeed we have a great compassion for humanity; the intuitions that we feel many times very painful to bare. Still I wonder why we are different in the ways that we are; for our genetics are diferent and our original Basque language is unlike any other (not related to any other language). I would hope that ultimately we would contribute greatness to our world even though we are rejected by many to the point of our language being banned under Franco's rule in Spain in the past. Indeed my desire of my music is to do this!!