Thank You Girl

By Pablo Tupuola

So many times I wish that you were there
So many times I wonder how much you care
So many times you've blessed me beyond my imagination
So many times you've been there through the heart breaks
And so many times I forget to say thank you for all you've done
And so many times I want you to know you're the one
You brought me out of the miry clay
And made me what I am today
Helped me make it through this life that I did live
And no matter what I did it was unconditional love that you did give
You stood there and waited for me with open arms when I strayed away
You brought sunshine to my life every day
It saddens me to know you cannot be the girl for me
Maybe God would change things by some great dead
When I needed love you were there to supply it
When I needed you,you were there even though I couldn't believe it
So now here I am to humbly say thank you
Thank you for loving me the way that you do
Thank you for caring for me and bringing me through it all
Here I am to say thank you as on my knees I fall...

21 Iuni 2002

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