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True Love-Have You Found It?

Love is a word that is most beautiful to the ears, but so many people do not know the true meaning. True love will last through the hardest times, it will not ask for something in return, it has no boundaries, it can give the deepest feeling of pain and the greatest joy. Following are some guide if you have found true love:

1.Ia outou alolofa, ia ulu ma 'e'eu.
2.If you truly love someone you will treat them as yourself, or perhaps in my case, treat them better than yourself. There will be a sub-conscience connection to that person.
3.True love has no boundaries; family, nationality, or class will not conquer it. I know in my culture we must respect our family and culture, but sometimes that is not in the best interest for our future.
4.This is the hard one. If you truly love someone you will be willing to wait for sex until after marriage, regardless how long that might be. If you have made this mistake, I can't blame you, as this is big temptation. But marriage is a sacred thing in G-d's eyes, making love shows the unity and love that a husband and wife have for each other. If your boyfriend or girlfriend truly love you, they will stay true only to you before marriage and definately after.
5.True love is 100% honesty to the other person, if they lie about a small thing they can just as easily lie about a big thing. If they hit you once they can easily do it again too. The person I loved, I would certainly want her to know what my feelings were. I was hurt very badly in a past relationship, so this has become a difficult thing for me to talk and share what I am feeling, but with G-d's help I must learn to trust again.
6.True love will survive any hard times in life. I would do any thing for the person I loved, even if I did not like to do it. The fact that it would make them happy would also make me happy. Any thing that is bothering them also bothers me. I would put my arms around her and comfort her. Maybe Latino and Polynesian people have much deeper feeling and emotion than others, or maybe it's only me.
7.Consider where you met your boyfriend or girlfriend. Being drunk at a bar or party is not the best place and time to meet someone. Through friends or family or at temple would be a better way to meet someone.
8.Set your priorities. G-d must be first, your husband or wife and family second, and your career third. Financial problems is one of the top reasons for divorce. You may wonder then why career would be last. If you put G-d first, He will bless you in everything you do. They say "a house divided can not stand", if you and your partner have different beliefs about things, it will be hard to stand strong.
9.Read your Bible, it gives the best guide of all on how to find your future partner. And most importantly, pray to G-d for His will and direction in your life.

I will add more points to consider as I think of them, and also welcome comments from anyone. It is a sad thing for a person to have never heard the words "Te amo" or "Ou te alofa ia te oe". Perhaps I have heard them as casual comment to me, but for someone to actualy mean it, that is what I search for.

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