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What's New At RCI

Izan Tribukide! / Join The Tribe!

Welcome to our home, from the beautiful Pacific islands to the world. For all the people state-side looking for Asian entertainment, we are so happy to announce RCI-TV Paradise is now on the air. Check your satelite TV listings in your area for channel and program times. Or call (305) 490-3670 for more details. If you are tired of all the junk mail you get on Hotmail and some other e-mail sites, try out RCI's FREE e-mail service which you can find on the opening page. This service is very easy and reliable. You can also search anything on the web from the opening page as well. The above plaza in the Clark Special Economic Zone, Angeles City is where I am hoping to open RCI's new "Paradise Center". The complex will include restaurant and karaoke lounge. Also the main offices and productions will be here. You can contact me in Fresno, California; Pago Pago, Samoa; Miami, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. RCI began in 1996,and from all the support from the Asian and Latino communities, we are doing things we never thought possible. God has bless me so much to help me fulfil my dream. Call or text me at (323) 834-5082 for more details on what is happening.

You can see some of Pablo's greatest music below, but we will also spotlight other Asian and Latin American singers and actors as well.


Hong Kong=Tsis Txhob Chim (Hmong & Cantonese)
Fiji=Isa Lei Aaja
China=Mo Mo Ai Ni
Viet Nam=Gap Nhau Làm Ngo
Japan=く ち み ち  
Laos=Nkauj Hmoob Los Tsuas
Brasil=Chorando Se Foi
Tahiti=Vahine Ma'ohi E
India=Nasha Yeh Pyar Ka
Indonesia=Antara Aku, Kau Dan Bekas Pacarmu
Malaysia=Yang Ku Sayang
Samoa=Alofa Faifaipea
Sri Lanka=Kaju Gas Sewane
Guam=I Sinente-Ku
Easter Island=Lo'u Fetuao
Tonga=Love Me
Tokelau=Papa E
Hawai'i=Alofa Fa'avavau
Okinawa=Love, Day After Tomorrow
Mexico=Mi Historia Entre Tus Dedos
Puerto Rico=Te Amo, Te Quiero
República Dominicana=Donde Está El Amante
Colombia=Canción De Amor
Tuvalu=Ke Ke Kitea
Vanuatu=Siva Mai
Canada=Waiting For Your Love
Denmark=Breaking My Heart
Australia=Crazy Dream

El cantante Pablo T. Rodriguez de Polinesia ha vuelto otra vez con algunas de las mejores canciones Latino, Filipino y Samoano. Las mejores canciones son "Bailando", "Rosa 'Ua Lelei" y "Lo'u Fetuao". Sus canciones reflejan su bsqueda para el amor verdadero y la respetan para toda la gente. l naci en la isla de Samoa cerca de las Filipinas. Pero la familia de su padre era originalmente de Latinoamérica. Pero Pablo lo dice desea saber ms sobre su familia en Latinoamérica. Su estilo de la msica es una mezcla de Hawaiano y Latino. Si usted va a la Isla de Pascua usted puede or sus canciones "Lo'u Fetuao" o "Rosa 'Ua Lelei" en las barras locales. Pablo escribi la cancin "Rosa 'Ua Lelei" hace exactamente un ao, pero ahora la cancin tiene significado para l. Pablo me dice "Tengo as que muchas sensaciones en mi corazn y por cantando m puede decir lo que deseo decir. Veo tanto lastimado en el mundo, y para que alguien hable con m y est una amiga a m es la mejor sensacin."

Perdname #11-4874-SA NUEVO!
01.Un Ms Intento
03.Maligi Ou Loimata
04.Porqu Tú Fuiste
05.Mi Historia Entre Tus Dedos
06.Loimata O Apaula
08.Lo'u Fetuao
09.Mi Corazn Quebrado
10.Rasgones En Mi Almohadilla (Maligi Ou Loimata)
11.Mi Estrella De La Maana (Lo'u Fetuao)
12.One More Try
13.My Life Is In Your Hands

Amor Eterno #11-4818-SA NUEVO!
01.La Vida Es Una Flor
02.Rosa 'Ua Lelei
03.Amor Polinesio,Corazn Cubano
04.La Cosa Ms Importante
05.Buscando Amor Verdadero
06.Como La Flor
07.Bailando (Siva Samoa)
08.Rosa Te Estoy Esperando (Rosa 'Ua Lelei)
09.La Felicidad De Mi Vida
10.La'u Pele O Le Atunu'u
11.Amor Eterno
12.La Gente Hermosa
13.Amor,Da Despus De Maana

This section is written by Fabiola Rubio at Radio Amor 107.5 FM in Miami,FL

World Spotlight:New Technology-DataPlay

DataPlay is a new format developed by DataPlay, Inc. that they say will soon simplify the way people connect with digital content they buy and create.The company has accomplished this by developing universal media solution for access to all digital content across all digital devices and platforms.

The key thing is that it is not a replacement, but an addition to existing products says PAT QUIGLEY,Sr. VP and chief marketing officer.It is a different cultural experience, than the CD.

Besides being portable Dataplay will allow record companies to burn additional albums, bonus tracks, videos, club mixes, etc., on to the disc.This creates the perfect opportunity for an upsell.All the consumer needs is the key to open the information...and the key could be on your stores Website. Its an innovative solution to keeping retailers in the loop and adding value for consumers. DataPlay wants to use the retailer as a distribution point, says QUIGLEY.

In addition, there is the opportunity for products to use music and artists as part of their branding. For instance, a customer might be able to go to the Nike Website to get the key for song from a new or established artist. But more than music will be available. The disc can accommodate video, unreleased photos, tour schedules, games and more.

The companys mission is to meet both consumer and industry needs by creating and championing simple and standardized media solution for all things digital. It has received the financial support of leading consumer electronics and content companies such as Universal Music Group, Toshiba Corporation, Samsumg Electronics, S3 Incorporated and Imation Corporation and several others.

DataPlay digital media will be sold as single-sided 250MB discs and double-sided 500MB discs. Blanks discs will retail for between $5 and $12 and will support downloaded Internet published content as well as the transfer and storage of desired content from other sources. Pre-recorded or mastered content on DataPlay digital media will be available from multiple content publishers in all content areas and will retail for about the same cost as comparable music, video, book or software products today.

The DataPlay micro-optical engine is about the size of a matchbook and will be licensed to be incorporated in a variety of consumers electronics devices. These include digital music players, digital cameras, PDAs, portable games, wireless devices and more. The most important trend this will create will be transforming single-fixed-function devices into multiple-use tools. This means, for example that one device can act as a wireless phone, PDA, music and game player. Using high compression technology DataPlay digital media can hold up to 11 hours of music or combinations of music, images, video, documents, software and other digital content on a single disc.

As digital age moves into Act 2, it seems that record retailers will finally be able to profit from new technology. PETE JONES, President and CEO of BMG distribution and Associated Labels, notes that, The feedback from both retail and labels to DataPlay has been overwhelmingly positive. LARRY KENSWIL, President of eLabs, Universal Music Group adds that, The DataPlay disc is a win for fans, artists and music companies. Lets hope it is for record retailers as well.

Some information provided by Donnie Coleman and DataPlay.This section by Pablo

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